Pass it off as color block

A Sunday-afternoon discussion between shoeblogger and, um, me:

This was the shoe being debated:

Choca by Christian Louboutin

The official Louboutin description:

“Choca” plays up the strappy sandal inspiration this season. The slender cross straps overlap and curve around the ankle, anchored by a chic covered buckle strap. This pair in multicolored patent leather is a head-turning beauty.

This heel stands 100 mm (a hair under 4 inches), and the price is a moderate (for Louboutins) $845.

And shoeblogger will not be daunted by my mockery:

Confession: I’d love to see her in these, but I suspect this isn’t happening.


  1. McG »

    7 August 2017 · 11:18 am

    I gather the ankle and toe straps are supposedly far enough separate they’re not in danger of clashing?

  2. CGHill »

    7 August 2017 · 1:10 pm

    Maybe you throw a white boot over it so you can’t see either.

  3. McG »

    8 August 2017 · 9:44 am

    That’ll only work for another three or four weeks.

  4. Lynn »

    10 August 2017 · 7:45 am

    I’d wear them if they were flats and under $100.

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