Dripping with adolescent angst

This is what happens when you have more technical skills than social skills, but not a hell of a lot of either:

Yahoo Answers screenshot: How can I retrieve an instagram dm conversation I SWIPE deleted - read desc?

And he thought he was so damn clever, too:

I really need to retrieve it so I can unsend some stuff. I swiped deleted the conversation and then realized it won’t delete on there end. I tried searching their name to get the conversation back and it didn’t work. how can I get the conversation now?! I need to unsave stuff. when I started a new conversation with that person everything was gone. I just need to clear our conversation on her end and mine. she’s inactive but stuff is going to happen so I need to clear it. HELP

Sorry, Charlie. Life doesn’t give you do-overs. It’s probably just as well you learn that now and get it over with.


  1. fillyjonk »

    7 August 2017 · 1:52 pm

    1. That paragraph he wrote makes my head hurt. It’s not a run-on sentence but it might as well be one.

    2. Why do I suspect a picture of “junk” (and not the kind in my abandoned potting shed) is involved in this?

  2. fillyjonk »

    7 August 2017 · 1:53 pm


    3. To the dude: “There, their, and they’re. Learn the difference, it could save a life.”

  3. CGHill »

    7 August 2017 · 2:31 pm

    I suspect #2 is correct: the amount of circumlocution suggests something far ruder (and far more likely to result in legal entanglement) than a mere untoward remark.

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