A land of fevered mystery

Screenshot from South Korean television:

Korean television program concerning Kenneth Bae

Marina Mangiaracina, who unsuccessfully ran for City Council some months back, is now in Korea, and she explains this picture, sort of:

This Korean TV show has to blur out this woman’s inner thighs every time they do a closeup on Kenneth Bae… Lack of foresight? Prudish? I don’t even…

Bae, a Christian evangelist, was convicted by North Korea of trying to overthrow the Pyongyang regime; in 2013 he was sentenced to 15 years at hard labor. Dennis Rodman (!) went to North Korea the next year to seek Bae’s release; several months passed, and then Bae was indeed set free. As far as Bae is concerned, Rodman was responsible for springing him.

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