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2014 Mitsubishi i-MiEV

This may be your last chance ever to see a Mitsubishi i-MiEV:

It was arguably the first mass-produced modern electric car put on sale, well before the Nissan Leaf arrived in December 2010.

Pre-production i-MiEVs were operating in test fleets in Japan as early as 2007, and it was on sale in that country even as Tesla struggled to get its Roadster into production in late 2009.

The little Mitsu arrived Stateside for the 2012 model year, and won few fans:

While the company had high hopes, the car’s tiny size — it remains the only kei car adapted for the U.S. market in recent decades — and its low power and 62-mile range rating made it just too limited for U.S. use.

Over seven years (and five model years, with 2013 and 2015 skipped altogether), Mitsubishi sold only 2,108 of the little electric cars in the U.S. through last month. Half of those were sold in 2013, and another quarter in 2012.

I have to believe that Mitsu’s absorption into the Renault-Nissan Alliance was contingent on the death of the i-MiEV. There are, we are told, better things to come. But there are no more copies of this little electric cockroach:

Mitsubishi Motors North America spokeswoman Erica Rasch confirmed that “2017 was the last model year for the i-MiEV, and all available retail units have been sold.”

It must have been a pretty short run, considering Mitsubishi only sold 6 cars so far this year in the United States.

Six cars! Not the lowest-selling automobile ever, but surely close enough to justify its demise.

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  1. McG »

    9 August 2017 · 9:19 am

    If I’ve seen one in the wild I probably misidentified it as a Fortwo.

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