Things I learned today (8)

Because, you know, it’s important to get back into the swing of things.

Ask yourself: “Is our bloggers learning?” Some of us is.

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  1. Mister Snitch! »

    11 September 2006 · 6:12 pm

    Being an ex-liberal (read: ex-LEFTIST) is like being a former teenager. For most people, being a teen is something that naturally ends and then you move on. For others … well, what’s so WRONG about being 50 and living with your parents?

    I was thinking about the nature of this while watching Mutiny on the Bounty the other day. Mister Christian is below decks, wrestling with the dilemna of Bligh’s abuse of the crew. One of the other officers decides to take it into his own hands. He’s going to just give the men water, against Bligh’s edict. Christian stops him. It’s not that simple, because the act is essentially mutiny. An officer who disobeys Bligh’s immoral order faces hanging, and more.

    So Chistian is abused by the other officer, who sums him up as unfeeling and cold. In the end, of course, it’s Christian who takes it upon himself to end Bligh’s abuse. For this heroic act, he is tried in absentia, abandoned by most of the crew he liberates, and burned alive.

    The officer Christian stopped could be stopped by a few harsh words. He wasn’t capable of standing up to what Christian would eventually have to endure. He ‘cared more’ than Christian, but he also wanted an easy way out. The problem is, none existed.

    Easy, facile solutions to our problems don’t exist. Rewards in this lifetime for real heroism don’t exist. Ghandi was assassinated for his humane and farsighted leadership. Men (women) of integrity often find they have no place in mainstream life.

    People who understand such things are rarely found at the Daily Kos.

    Sorry, what was this thread about again?

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