Runway, indeed

Actually, they’re not running at all; but Chinese fashion models move at high speed just the same:

In television and movies, modeling photo shoots are often portrayed at a leisurely pace. The subject might strike many poses over the course of a minute, but there’s no real sense of urgency to them. That’s not the case for fashion models in China, where such time would be seen as a luxury. In reality, they’ve got to make over a hundred outfit changes in a single day, so posing fast is a necessity. And as behind-the-scenes videos demonstrate, these female model poses are done at an effortless-yet-lightning speed.

Taobao is to China what Amazon is to you or me. And they’re in a hurry:

Modeling for Taobao is no easy feat. According to Chinadaily, some of these models make more than 700 poses over the course of 150 outfits, all within the span of a work day. They have one minute to change their clothes and a 10-minute lunch break. The intensity, however, is worth it — top models can earn up to 元10,000 (or around $1,500) per day.

I am duly impressed.

(Via @ShoeTease.)

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  1. ETat »

    9 August 2017 · 6:39 pm

    Terrible. I wish I can say I’m surprised.

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