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Jack Baruth, speaking to all the people out there who desire to own a far more expensive car than their finances can possibly justify:

[H]igh-capacity brakes are also expensive to service. I just had dinner with a fellow who works as a Maserati tech. He told me that it can cost $4k to perform a full brake service on a Ghibli. Given that the majority of Ghiblis have been sent out the door on heavily-subsidized leases that cost their owners under a grand a month, the idea of a $4,000 brake service doesn’t sit well with the lessors. Particularly not when they realize their Ghibli might need that service every year. “Isn’t there a cheaper way?” they ask.

“Absolutely. Stop using the brakes.” It befuddles these poor folks that a Ghibli needs Ferrari-level brake service but, if they were really smart, they’d ask why the Ghibli doesn’t cost more to service than, say, a 488GTB. After all, it’s heavier.

Damned laws of physics. They’ll get you every time.

Meanwhile, here’s a doucherocket from Yahoo! Answers:

Is the Maserati Granturismo 2018 a daily driver? Is it reliable. I just ordered mine and I wanna know.

This fartwad deserves to pay $4000 for a brake job.

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  1. McG »

    10 August 2017 · 8:05 am

    Mr. Yahoo might actually manage to total his car on a speed bump.

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