Hydroplane into fame

You can never protect yourself too much:

Some time ago I was sued by a large corporation over a negative review I posted on this site. The case was eventually settled, and I am not allowed to talk about the terms or mention the company’s name any more. But I will say the review is still up and unchanged and sits on the first page of results on Google for that company’s name, so draw what conclusions you may.

But the case generated over $50,000 in legal expenses for me. I probably would have paid that out of pocket just because I am curmudgeonly and was not going to back down, but in fact the legal costs were 100% covered by my personal liability and umbrella insurance. Basically an umbrella means that if anything goes over the coverage limits of your policies, or slips through the cracks of your policies’ various coverages, the umbrella kicks in. The cost for the umbrella is close to a rounding error on my other insurance costs.

I wish sometimes I could afford to be curmudgeonly.

Still: fifty large in legal expenses? That’s more than four billable hours.


  1. fillyjonk »

    12 August 2017 · 12:17 pm

    I pay $127 a year for $1 million worth of personal-liability “umbrella” coverage. My dad proposed I get it just in case of an angry student and the uni lawyers not being willing to back me up (I have since learned from my chair that unless I was genuinely in the wrong, they would, but still: $127 a year for that kind of peace of mind is cheap)

    also I have a set of concrete steps leading down to the street that seem to pose an “attractive nuisance” to skateboarders, and if one broke their arm and their parents really got pissy about it, I could make it go away easily enough.

  2. CGHill »

    12 August 2017 · 12:21 pm

    I have something similar, at about the same price.

  3. fillyjonk »

    12 August 2017 · 12:28 pm

    yeah, having multiple “lines” with the same place, for the win – I don’t think I could get it so cheaply if I didn’t also have home and auto (and a special policy for my piano, which is worth about half what my home is worth) through them.

    State Farm isn’t the cheapest place, but I like dealing w/ only one agent, and they’ve always done right by my family, going back 2 generations…

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