Sweet time duly taken

As reported here on the second of June:

We are being forced to a newer (and uglier) [license] plate design; I have decided to keep my previous number, which was also my previous number the last time we were forced to a newer (but prettier) design. The state will have to make this plate out of sequence, which might be an annoyance, which justifies my fifteen Spite Bucks. Very few drivers opted for this the last time, and I’ve seen only one in the current cycle.

As it turns out, they didn’t make this plate out of sequence: despite my end-of-June expiration date, it didn’t actually arrive until yesterday. Apparently they knew that’s just how it is: they sent me the little “2018” sticker in the mail in mid-June, which I duly plastered onto the old plate. (The new ones have 2018 printed on the You Call This Metal? surface.)

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