They all have that, don’t they?

Some people know exactly what equipment their cars have. Jack Baruth tells us about the other people:

Many years ago I read that the majority of Volkswagen Vanagon owners were pretty sure they had front-wheel drive — because all the other Volkswagens at the dealership had it, so why wouldn’t the van? It’s also apparently common for owners of various European cars to think they have AWD when they don’t. No prizes for guessing that this is most common among second and third owners of entry-level Audi models.

This is not Jack acting superior, either:

I don’t blame these people. Some time ago my refrigerator broke down and I was utterly astounded to discover that it had two compressors; one for the freezer and one for the regular part. I would have gone to my death thinking I had a one-compressor fridge. The same is true for my heat pump; it wasn’t until it died that I fully understood the difference between my heat pump and my furnace. I thought it was all part of the same thing. Don’t get me started on what people think their computers can do, or what they believe regarding their insurance policies. Most of us are remarkably content to know nothing about anything outside our very narrow areas of specific interest.

Myself, I’m happier knowing nothing if I suspect that knowing something is going to make me despondent, or at the very least make me write a large check. I admit it.

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  1. Holly H »

    18 August 2017 · 8:56 am

    Insurance policies. I suckered myself into buying earthquake insurance, because it’s so darned cheap. Trouble is, here in OK, “human-caused’ earthquakes are excluded. And apparently they’ve decided that virtually ALL of our earthquakes fall into that category. Too bad our legislators don’t agree.

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