Truly distinguished

All about the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride:

Our focus is on gentlemen who have been dealt a tough hand in life. In particular, we raise funds for research into prostate cancer and mental health programs as part of our mission to support men’s health globally. These funds are invested by our partners the Movember Foundation, the world’s largest men’s health organisation.

Based in Australia, Movember, whose signature event involves the growing of mustaches, has raised over half a billion dollars in 21 countries.

Jack Baruth will be riding:

I’ve signed up for the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride next month. It’s a great charity masquerading as a bunch of dickheads wearing suits on dorky motorcycles. I’m planning on wearing a Hickey Freeman pinstripe and riding my Honda CB1100. If you want to throw five bucks towards the cause, you can do it here.

I have done so.

Those of you who hate my guts can be reassured by the fact that it’s almost certain to rain this time of the year and that I’ll basically be spending two hours wrapped in three layers of soaking-wet wool. There’s also a reasonable chance that one of these hipsters who can barely ride a motorcycle by themselves, let alone in a group, will run into me and cut off my leg.

Hmmm. Maybe five bucks isn’t enough.


  1. ETat »

    1 September 2017 · 6:22 am

    Fi! A distinguished gentleman never tells a sob story about himself, let alone – a sob story to solicit donations

  2. McG »

    1 September 2017 · 8:27 am

    A distinguished gentleman tells a fascinating true story about himself, and then is too polite to tell people to shove their money where the sun don’t shine.

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