One might even say “rebellious”

Thursday night, 10:52 pm. It’s approaching midnight Eastern, and I’ve just landed at the iTunes Store, hoping to score a copy of Rebecca Black’s new single “Heart Full of Scars,” which is scheduled to drop in eight minutes.

To my amazement, it’s already there. I fumble for the Buy button, and about fifty seconds later, it’s mine, all mine.

Now it must be admitted that I’d already heard it once; I had the upcoming EP (due two weeks from now) on preorder, and they allowed me a stream. I was somewhat surprised by the presence of an actual F-bomb. I probably should not have been: I know I swore like a sailor when I was twenty. And considering her subject matter — triumph over the naysayers who said Nay, as naysayers will, after the much-mocked release of “Friday” — well, I’d probably have to drop at least a buck twenty-nine in the cuss jar.

But the purchase came with something I didn’t expect: the cover art for that EP. Somebody worked maybe too hard on the title:

Cover art for RE/BL by Rebecca Black

That’s RE/BL: the slash is silent.

Of course, the selling point for the EP is that it’s an actual EP, a proper CD with five tracks on it and some sort of case. Very few of these are likely to be pressed; she’s never sold anything but downloads before, and her youngish audience may not be able to come up with the premium price.

I’m assuming the last two singles, “The Great Divide” and “Foolish,” will be on the disc. That means two new tracks. And no, I don’t think “Friday” will be on there as a bonus track.

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