Thinking out of the mailbox

As one of those weird people who buys stamps online, I maintain an account with, which costs me nothing but subjects me to random emails. This latest, however, introduces a possibly useful feature:

Your My USPS® account was recently upgraded to include Informed Delivery® — a new feature that gives you the ability to see a digital preview of your incoming mail. Informed Delivery allows you to view images of the exterior, address side of your household’s letter-sized mailpieces on a computer, tablet, or mobile device. As part of the upgrade, you can receive a daily email containing images of your mailpieces that are arriving soon. Select the box below and use your unique code [redacted] to start your notifications. Your code is unique to your account. For security purposes, the code and link will expire Saturday, September 30, 2017.

Informed Delivery will completely replace the existing My USPS application in September. You will still have access to all benefits of your old My USPS dashboard, including USPS TrackingT and the option to leave delivery instructions for incoming packages. In the near future, both mail images and package tracking information will be included in the optional daily email.

Here’s the FAQ for the service. I might actually get some use out of this.

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