Your eyes should not be here

The word to be heard from Coffs Coast:

Ask any woman for the top 10 banes of her life and I swear she’ll say “bras”.

For such an insignificant — though often pricey — piece of upholstery, bras routinely fail at their key performance indicators — namely to support, be comfortable and look reasonably attractive.

Too much lace and you look like there’s an echidna scrambling around under your T-shirt.

Too padded and you’re sure to let someone down. Too wired and the damn thing will twist out of shape in the washing machine and torment you for the rest of its viable life.

Which is why the new bra advertisement from Berlei is so spot on it made me laugh out loud.

This is the ad. It’s here because social media had a hissy fit about it.

Why on earth are Facebook and Instagram banning it on the spurious grounds that it’s “offensive”? Offensive to who?

Surely not to the half of the population who endure bra contortion every day of their lives. Surely not to the other half who could do with a reality check on what it’s like to live with a pair of, at times, pesky mammaries.

For a site that’s been accused of imperialism in India, live streaming of human rights violations, propagating fake news and spying on users, it’s laughable that the social media giant has come over all prissy when it comes to breasts.

Berlei, founded in Australia 100 years ago, has expanded only to New Zealand and the United Kingdom. I suspect they know what kind of response they could expect, were they to run ads like this in the State.

(Via Breaking Shame [NSFW].)

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