Really unclear on the concept

If I’m reading this correctly, this doofus fears his car will fail state inspection and wants to know if he can bring a ringer in its place:

I need to take my car in for inspection … the problem is recently the check engine sign popped up.which sucked because i just invested around 800$ in repairs and a wreck i had pryer.from what auto zone told me its a problem with the exaust n while the car is driveable … i cant pass inspection now .. without whippin out another 500 on repairs..

If i was too use another vehicle for just the inspection is there a chance i can use that paper work at thr place u get registration stickers for my own car..

HOW exactly does it work..because i really want too try this rather then trying too spend 500$ right now!!!

Didn’t do so well on his placement exam for English as a First Language, either.

And I assure you, having recently spent $3,700 on repairs and a wreck I had “pryer,” that I’m not about to call that little expenditure an investment.


  1. fillyjonk »

    14 September 2017 · 2:32 pm

    I’m perpetually 12, but “whippin out another 500” makes me think of that bit from “Blazing Saddles.”

    (And isn’t what this chap is proposing doing similar to the stoner who gets his straight-arrow buddy to lend him some pee for the mandatory drug test?)

  2. McG »

    14 September 2017 · 2:44 pm

    “Um, this emissions test is for a 2015 Taurus.”


    “You’re renewing tags on an ’82 Plymouth.”


  3. Mike »

    14 September 2017 · 6:10 pm

    Just bring one in that’s the same color, because it’s not like those guys check VIN numbers or anything. Wait, they do? Nevermind!

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