Behind the scene

Two weeks ago, I tossed out the following thoughts regarding Rebecca Black’s Not Then But Actually By God Now Out EP RE/BL:

Of course, the selling point for the EP is that it’s an actual EP, a proper CD with five tracks on it and some sort of case. Very few of these are likely to be pressed; she’s never sold anything but downloads before, and her youngish audience may not be able to come up with the premium price.

I’m assuming the last two singles, “The Great Divide” and “Foolish,” will be on the disc. That means two new tracks. And no, I don’t think “Friday” will be on there as a bonus track.

Spot on, with one exception: there are six tracks, with both original and extra crispy Crash Cove remix of “The Great Divide” on hand. (Can’t blame her for that: it’s the remix that got into the top half of Billboard’s Dance Club chart.) The two new songs are pretty decent: I liked “Satellite” better than “Wasted Youth.”

Those who pre-ordered through Pledge Music, as I did, have already received the downloadable version; I was delighted to see that FLAC copies were available.

And to justify the “Behind the scene” title, here’s an outtake from the RE/BL photo shoot:

Outtake from the photo shoot for Rebecca Black's EP RE/BL

I’ll report in when the actual disc hits my mailbox. In the meantime, the iTunes Store AAC version is $6.99; each individual track goes for $1.29, an unusually high price point for Rebecca Black.

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