The charge of the light upgrade

Hawthorn Mineart will go half a league onward:

A while back I put off upgrading my blog to Movable Type 4.2 because the upgrade would break the site, according to my webhost.

[I mentioned that here.]

Well, now I’m on a blogging vacation, and I’m ready to blow this puppy to smithereens. Because my custom templates are centuries old now, I’m going to install default templates and edit the design back into something resembling my site from there.

This is approximately where I say “Why didn’t I think of this?”

And you have to admire the preparations:

I’m backing everything up, putting on my flak jacket and diving bell, and arming myself with my lion tamer’s whip and a spare banana. I’m ready, steady, go.

I have faith that she will prevail. (Besides, she’s got seniority, even over the likes of me.)

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