Zoom it yourself

Kids on Yahoo! Answers are prone to questions like “What should I study in college? I need to make enough to afford a Lamborghini.” Not going to happen, of course, but they persist, until you ask them “Why don’t you build your own?”

Ken Imhoff spent 17 years building a replica Countach, with a Ford 351 Cleveland sitting amidships, fed by more carburetors than most people have seen in a lifetime.

As early as 1980, the Countach was selling new for over $100,000. Imhoff surely spent more than that to hand-build his. And once he was done, he realized he had no place to go.

Then he looked skyward:

“It was an exercise of human self-centered, egotistical, selfishness that just about ended my marriage and losing our home. As my faith begins to grow, I realize God gave me the talent to do what I do and there is nothing wrong with that; my only mistake was not using it to glorify Christ.”

So he hit the road with his homebrew ministry.

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