Depressed mode

Morrissey, responsible for the lyric to the sunniest, most upbeat song about suicide everthis is its closest competitor, and I don’t think it’s entirely serious — is delivering an album called Low in High School. The lead single, “Spent the Day in Bed,” is not entirely morose:

This is track five. The complete track listing:

  1. “My Love I’d Do Anything for You”
  2. “I Wish You Lonely”
  3. “Jacky’s Only Happy When She’s Up on the Stage”
  4. “Home Is a Question Mark”
  5. “Spent the Day in Bed”
  6. “I Bury the Living”
  7. “In Your Lap”
  8. “The Girl From Tel-Aviv Who Wouldn’t Kneel”
  9. “All the Young People Must Fall in Love”
  10. “When You Open Your Legs”
  11. “Who Will Protect Us From the Police?”
  12. “Israel”

As usual with Morrissey, some will embrace this stuff no matter how outré, and others will dismiss it with sarcasm.

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  1. John Salmon »

    21 September 2017 · 9:52 am

    I would argue against producing sunny songs about suicide.

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