Not to be noticed

I have said before that my taste in women’s shoes seems to run toward the insubstantial. I am not sure how much this particular preference is due to an early-childhood overdose of Disney’s Cinderella and those wacky glass pumps — bibbiti-bobbiti-who? — and how much due to the ongoing desire for a proper cloaking device. One thing is for sure: a shoe I can barely see will command my attention.

There was a piece on last week about a “clear shoe” trend which featured about a dozen styles and a whole lot of Lucite. One of the featured shoes was a Steve Madden slingback pump with a leather toe cap and ankle strap; the rest, except for the footbed itself, was clear plastic. I duly went to look it up elsewhere, and found something clearer:

Clearer by Steve Madden

This is in fact called “Clearer”; there’s practically no upper at all, and the heels are hollowed out and filled with nothingness. Quips the copywriter at Zappos: “Pull out all the stops in your future-ready ensemble!” I want to see that ensemble when it’s assembled. “Clearer” sells for $110.


  1. Georganna Hancock »

    21 September 2017 · 4:30 pm

    Oh, I had a pair of all lucite FM spikes, back in the day. At least, the sailor said they were called “FM” shoes. I had to ask him what that meant, and then I smiled at him. A lot.

  2. CGHill »

    21 September 2017 · 5:29 pm

    Amy Winehouse’s song about such footwear coyly describe them as “F Me Pumps,” though the last line says it all.

    Marginal side interest: In 2001 some denizens of the Tri-State Area were shocked to see my Oklahoma license plate, which started with “FME.” Apparently that wouldn’t pass muster in New York, or even New Jersey.

    (Worse, it was followed by the digits 6 and 9. And no, this wasn’t a vanity plate.)

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