Balls to the wall

“Pourquoi sont-ils vendus dans ces petites boules?” Why are they sold in these little balls?

I’m guessing this was the French response to L’eggs, circa 1970:

Scandale hosiery advertisement, 1970ish

Scandale is still active today, though they’re not currently selling hosiery packaged in spheroids:

In 1932, Scandale’s founder Robert Perrier was manufacturing corsetry and hosiery in a small factory in France when, inspired by the new fabric introduced to him by a visiting salesman, he replaced the traditional laced-up restrictions of the day and created a girdle that was so delicate and so light to the touch that when his assistant saw it she exclaimed “C’est un scandale!” (It’s a scandal!)

Combining elegant, timeless French beauty with the sophistication and knowledge of its creator and his company, Scandale has a rich heritage that few can match. As the fashions evolved from the 1930s to the modern day, Scandale continued to meet the needs and desires of women, for the last 80 years bringing modernity and innovation to each new decade.

Come to think of it, L’eggs switched to a cardboard package in the 1990s.

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