Where the Birds are

The Thunder wandered over to New Orleans for their second preseason game, and it was a bit more successful than their first. Russell Westbrook actually started, but played only 10 minutes; he picked up 9 points and four assists. But mostly this was Let’s Give Everyone Minutes: the only double-digits player was Paul George, who hung around for 27 minutes and scored 25. The master of the plus-minus proved to be rookie Terrance Ferguson, +13 in 24 minutes, and he might have gotten more if he hadn’t fouled out. The Pelicans core performed decently, though Dante Cunningham went bucketless and Rajon Rondo was on for only seven minutes, gathering six points. The 102-91 final is a W, which is always nice, but it’s still preseason, so take it with several grains of Gulf sea salt.

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