Braum’s backs down

Braum’s Inc., operator of about 300 ice cream and dairy plus neighborhood markets in this part of the world, came up with the notion of scraping off a semi-historic building along the old Classen Circle and replacing it with #301. I thought this was a bad idea:

I think potential customers will pass it by, mainly because access is difficult: if you miss it the first time, you’re going to have to loop for more than half a mile, or you’re going to end up on Interstate 44. I can’t imagine a local firm not knowing these issues, so I suspect this is someone at Braum’s HQ who is shocked — shocked! — that there is drinking going on in those establishments.

Braum’s has now withdrawn its proposal for the new store. Ward 2 Councilman Ed Shadid reports:

Braums has withdrawn its application. Thanks to all those who resisted and fought for what is unique and special in OKC. This is what brings us together as a community and makes our city great. Thanks also to Braums for making the socially responsible decision. Almost no one thought it probable that the protesters would win (including myself); let’s all remember that as we look to other ways to improve our lives and city. Thanks to Pete Brzycki and for originally discovering [the] plan through open records request and giving us a chance. Next step is to find a buyer for the properties (one has publicly offered) and restore the properties. Now my kids and I can eat frozen yogurt at Braums again!

Brzycki has long been an astute observer of the scene, even during the period when he didn’t live here.


  1. Holly H »

    9 October 2017 · 9:55 am

    So nice to see the little people win, every now and then.

  2. nightfly »

    12 October 2017 · 4:11 pm


    Our own local landmark was not so lucky.

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