A Betazoid female at midlife

Next week at this time: #DeannaTroiDay. I did not know this, and I do not know why Deanna Troi Day is in October. According to Memory Alpha, which keeps track of these things, Deanna Troi was born on 29 March 2336. That said, though, this is a good time to shuffle through the Big Box O’ Photos for some shots of actress Marina Sirtis, born 29 March (who knew?) 1955.

A very young Marina Sirtis

The story goes that Gene Roddenberry had originally planned for the Deanna Troi character to have four breasts. We’re talking serious overkill here.

Marina Sirtis, party person

Marina Sirtis not stretching out

Marina Sirtis in pink

Besides all that Star Trek stuff, she maintains a heavy Twitter presence, some of which is devoted to complaining about Donald Trump. (She’s a naturalized citizen, so she even got to vote against him.)

And she’s staggeringly popular on the con circuit. A sample clip:

Should someone explain Deanna Troi Day between now and next week, I’ll happily update.

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  1. ETat »

    22 October 2017 · 8:05 am

    The current arrangement she proposes (“displays” is to mild) to the world is a serious overkill, too.

    Ah, the leftie elderly women – dressing like teenager in her 60s, baring that should be hidden in her grandmother stage in life – how pathetic

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