These are not lazy circles in the sky

“The cactus is our friend,” sang Maria Muldaur in “Midnight at the Oasis.” Not if you’re a hawk who happened to get stuck:

I’m trying to imagine the editing job it took to get this down to less than a minute forty. “We got 99 seconds, and this bird” — well, you get the idea.

(Speaking of editing, or the lack thereof, our Bird Healer tosses several F-bombs and such, which are duly reproduced in the captions. You have been warned.)

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  1. Holly Hunter »

    26 October 2017 · 12:33 pm

    So good to see humans helping wildlife. We owe it to them, considering all the havoc we tend to wreak. At least in the case, we weren’t the CAUSE of the distress.

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