Working girl

Olga Kurylenko’s trip to the top began with a holiday in Moscow when she was 13; within three years she had modeling gigs in Paris and was supporting her mom back in Ukraine. By the time she turned 26, she was being offered small parts in film, which later blossomed into bigger parts; in 2008, three years in, she’d become a Bond girl, opposite Daniel Craig in Quantum of Solace. (One of the women she beat out for the role was Wonder Woman herself, Gal Gadot.)

Olga Kuryenko does a fashion spread

Olga Kuryenko rests a bit

Olga Kuryenko sports some high couture

Of course you know someone who looks like this would have driven Craig Ferguson nuts:

She’s done some TV, too, notably the two-season Starz series Magic City, former Cuban night-club dancer who subsequently married a Miami Beach night-club operator. Coming up on the big screen: the third Johnny English film, a vehicle for Rowan Atkinson. And Terry Gilliam has finally wrapped The Man Who Shot Don Quixote, which first went into preproduction in 1998 (!) and which was recast several times; Kurylenko was brought into the production in 2016, opposite Jonathan Pryce’s Quixote.

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