A cord you need not cut

Mark Hill (no relation) happened upon this 1960s artifact:

AM radio by Internet Radio (Product) Limited

An apt name, he says, despite the lack of historical connection:

The cream case, flat upright format, rounded corners, and “screen”-like black tuning display all recall Jonathan Ive’s now legendary design for the iPod. The Internet radio even has white earphones! I’m not accusing Ive of copying it of course, but the resemblance is striking and I wonder if these mid-century portable transistor radios (which often look alike) were an influence on his design.

This particular model was made in Hong Kong. The one I had came from Japan:

“Nine-volt batteries back then were like three for a dollar instead of $3 apiece,” I muttered to myself this week as I replaced the unit in my ancient Radio Shack Weatheradio.

(Via American Digest.)


  1. McGehee »

    24 November 2017 · 7:59 am

    So now the volts are three for a dollar.

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