Future jailbird

Only now is this greaseball contemplating the consequences:

Yahoo Answers screenshot: Driving no insurance?

I mean, look at this:

Ive been driving for the past 3 months with no insurance on my car and no registration. Reason being is because I have tickets racked up that I could not afford to pay off in order to re-register. If i were to re-register my vehicle now, would I get in trouble for driving with no insurance these past months, or would they not know?

Just wait until he finds out that in most states, he can’t register until his insurance is paid up — and the premium is going to be sky-high because of those tickets, which he didn’t actually say he paid off, and it wouldn’t matter that much if he had.

But wait! There’s more:

My car insurance expired in August. I never renewed my insurance or re-registered my plate. I have over a grand of tickets i am unable to afford from the past year. if my friend were to register the vehicle under his insurance even though the car is in my name, would pulling up the VIN get me in trouble for not having insurance on the car for the past 3 months? Or would it be safe to do this and have the car registered?

Yep. He’s going to jail. Good effing riddance.


  1. fillyjonk »

    28 November 2017 · 10:31 am

    I hope he doesn’t hit anybody on his way there. (Happened to a friend of mine: her car was totaled by an uninsured driver. I guess her insurance eventually stepped up, and her dad was in a position to help her get a new car, but it was kind of woeful, and it’s also aggravating to those of us who shell out our $300 – $800 twice a year for coverage)

  2. Kevin McGehee »

    28 November 2017 · 11:15 am

    And when he gets out, they might as well give him a bus schedule, because that’s how he’ll be getting around from now on.

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