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Now and again I turn up a photo and go “Who the heck is this?” In this particular instance, this the heck is Canadian actress Serinda Swan, thirty-three, whom I’d seen exactly once before: in the music video for “So Happy” by Theory of a Deadman, back in 2008.

Like she’s at all forgettable.

Serinda Swan resplendent in red

Serinda Swan sits up

Serinda Swan as Medusa

The third photo here is Swan as Medusa, from the short-lived Marvel Cinematic Universe series Inhumans, which started out as an IMAX film, playing for two weeks in theaters before moving to ABC-TV, where it lasted eight episodes. I saw none of them, so I pulled up Wikipedia, which describes Medusa as “the wife of Black Bolt and Queen of Attilan, who has the ability to control and move her hair.”

I stared at that statement for a minute or two, then went hunting for video.

At least there weren’t any reptiles involved.

Also up Swan’s way: The Veil, a post-apocalyptic film by Brent Ryan Green, who lives down the road a piece. Shot entirely in Oklahoma, which you gotta admit is a heck of a place for all things post-apocalyptic, it spent a few days on the big screen (except in Brazil, where it was a hit) and then was squoze down to DVD size. The trailer:

Regrettably, her hair doesn’t do a thing in The Veil.


  1. McGehee »

    28 November 2017 · 7:26 pm

    No reptiles? But I was saving, “I’ve had it with these mumblefumble snakes in your mumblefumble mane!”

  2. ETat »

    28 November 2017 · 10:31 pm

    oh my, somebody with actual taste! and shapely knees

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    3 December 2017 · 8:19 pm

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