Grey Fox

The 24-hour news cycle, suggests the Z Man, doesn’t have a whole day’s worth of demographics anymore:

The trouble these days is the legacy media has an audience that is very old. The audience for Fox News is close to 70. The young and hip Rachel Maddow is popular with menopausal cat ladies. The Sunday chat shows have a similar demographic. Gen X was probably the last generation to engage with newspapers and TV chat shows. Even there, most people under 50 are getting their news from on-line sources. Increasingly, those on-line sources operate in opposition to the legacy media, politically and culturally.

That’s where a guy like Ben Shapiro is seen as the millennial Bill Safire. None other than the New York Times has declared him “the voice of the conservative millennial movement” and “the cool kid’s philosopher.” Shapiro is described as a rock star on the college campus, meaning his audience is not on blood thinners.

Of course, if you’ve been paying attention for the last half-century, the same “legacy media” have always had an audience of maiden aunts and such. Barbara Walters was hired by the Today show as eye candy back in 1961; now pushing ninety, she’s only partially retired, because, well, who else is there? And the perennial Fox lineup of gloriously miniskirted blondes is easier to deal with when the audio volume is down near zero. Very little reason for millennials and GenXers to bother. Good night, Chet.


  1. fillyjonk »

    29 November 2017 · 5:56 pm

    “cool kid’s philosopher” and “rock star on the college campus” does not predispose THIS Gen-Xer to want to listen to him. (Honestly, the idea of “news person as rock star” is probably a root of a LOT of problems we have, from them wanting to BE the news to them wanting to show their wangs to every female within a three mile radius)

    I want someone who is smart, workmanlike, who doesn’t speak in snark and soundbites, and who is less clearly dextro or levo than most of the folks on the airwaves or internet these days. Of course, that doesn’t exist.

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    29 November 2017 · 7:53 pm

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  3. McGehee »

    29 November 2017 · 8:46 pm

    Barnaby Jones and Matlock could be back on network TV soon.

  4. Holly H »

    30 November 2017 · 8:47 am

    Some menopausal cat ladies are still “hip”.

  5. ETat »

    1 December 2017 · 2:20 pm

    Ben Shapiro is, in fact, smart, workmanlike, a serious thinker and generally disinclined to “charm” every skirt in 10-mile radius.
    Besides, he adheres to classic liberal values. And he is fearless.

    As to menopausal ladies…it amuses me how certain elderly gentlemen, with their libido in the dumps and their equipment permanently flaccid, rage against and despise nature – but direct it away from themselves. At least women learned to enjoy every stage of life they are in!

  6. Joseph Hertzlinger »

    3 December 2017 · 12:34 am

    I stopped taking that seriously when I got to the word “cuck.”

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