More than just scraping by

Cornerstone Brands Ltd evidently takes shaving seriously:

Cornerstone razor and a tube of something or otherInevitably, products like these are marketed largely toward men, which I have always found inexplicable: if anything, women might need them more, simply because they have a far greater area to cover and are (maybe) less likely to have a styptic pencil handy. Then again, lucky Lorna now has a Cornerstone of her own:

I always have issues with shavers as I get a lot of ingrown hairs. I use my Philips electric shaver for my legs, but it doesn’t work at giving me a clean shave elsewhere. I received this Cornerstone shaving kit and I love it! I know it’s for guys, but I find that the best razors are made for men anyway, so it’s fine.

Cornerstone is set up as a subscription service: you set the schedule, they ship you blades and chemicals. Not exactly unique, but I’m thinking it’s probably more rewarding than yelling at Alexa.

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