The next step in Media Hatred

Last week:

Walmart has pulled a T-shirt which encouraged the lynching of journalists.

The $18.99 T-shirt bearing the message “Rope. Tree. Journalist. SOME ASSEMBLY REQUIRED” was listed on through third-party seller Teespring.

Walmart removed it after a journalist advocacy group told the retailer it found the shirt threatening.

This week:

A co-owner of the Today’s News-Herald was poisoned with what could have been lethal doses of thallium and other chemicals, according to leading toxicology and medical experts.

After experiencing prolonged, unexplained illness with severe symptoms earlier this year, Joseph Soldwedel sought medical treatment and forensic laboratory testing. Soldwedel is president of Prescott Valley-based Western News & Info.

“The test findings are highly suggestive, but not confirmatory, of an intentional poisoning with an intent to kill,” said Dr. Ernest P. Chiodo, one of the nation’s leading experts in forensic toxicology who reviewed Soldwedel’s test results.

Environmental factors? Not likely:

Doctors concluded that Soldwedel, 65, takes no medications that contain these heavy metals or other toxins, and had no known environmental or occupational exposures to thallium. Water tests conducted at Soldwedel’s places of residence showed no trace of toxic chemicals.

Mr Soldwedel said “he has a good idea” about the identity of the poisoner, but is not ready to go public until law enforcement has a better handle on things. The perp, I suggest, should be hanged by a person wearing a T-shirt.


  1. McGehee »

    4 December 2017 · 12:24 pm

    It would take a serious level of stupidity to confuse a newspaper’s co-owner with a “journalist,” though attempted assassination isn’t exactly a hallmark of genius.

    On the other hand, someone driven to try to kill media moguls because of a t-shirt probably aren’t going to carry out the kind of premeditation implicit here.

    Professional criminal investigators always start their inquiries as close to the victim as possible, precisely because the overwhelming majority of their caseload fits that template. They’ll wait to branch out after exhausting those possibilities.

    Jumping to the “big picture” explanation at the outset is the sort of thing we might expect from someone capable of attempting murder because of what they saw on a t-shirt.

  2. Uncle George »

    5 December 2017 · 11:11 am

    I found your take on the article interesting. My inference from the last sentence (that the poisoners executioner should be wearing a t-shirt) is that the poisoner, not the victim, is a journalist.


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