Spite tonite

For this dullard, anyway, revenge is a dish best served as malware:

Yahoo Answers screenshot: Can keyloggers be detected in word documents if sent to recipient? Will that persons computer catch the keylogger?

Here is where it gets really stupid:

I’m trying to get back at an individual who hacked into my computer via IP address. This is purely for ethical reason not some utter bullcrap. I just want to make sure the keylogger is undetected

Sorry, Charlie, but Utter Bullcrap rules this day. If someone actually hacked into your premises, which is probably unlikely, getting an email from you will set off all his warnings and your script-kiddie malware drop will never do a thing. Either come out and fight like a man — pistols at sunrise, I propose — or clamber back into the basement and learn how to protect yourself.

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