Meanwhile in Kinshasa

Roberta X is still watching Mr. Robot, though not without issues:

I loathe the implied politics, the economics are risible, and the whole thing plays out as if Karl Marx and Noam Chomsky had done a screenplay for Atlas Shrugged — but then Orson Welles produced and directed it with a modern crew shooting and editing.

Once that’s said, you can tell there’s one of her legendary footnotes on the way, this one about the Democratic Republic of the Congo:

The DRC has been about as beat up by history as any other place on the planet, provided the other place has had very hard times. There are more French-speakers there than in France and over three-quarters of then are literate; the country is rich in natural resources from rubber trees to gold, diamonds and a host of other minerals and could generate enough power to transform the continent from a single hydroelectric project — a project that seems to keep getting stalled. Everyone from local slavers to King Leopold II of Belgium to their own government has abused the people and looted local sources of wealth, along with a succession of local wars continuing into this century; what could be one of the world’s wealthiest nations is instead a country with less than a thousand miles of well-paved highway. Of course, the show could be referring to the Republic of the Congo instead, which had a long history as a communist client state. But there’s a lot less there in the way of exploitable resources and none of it glows in the dark.

And they’re close by: Kinshasa (once Léopoldville), the capital of the DRC, is right across the Congo River from Brazzaville, the capital of the Republic Of. (For OKC Thunder fan reference: Serge (Air Congo) Ibaka hailed from Brazzaville. Interestingly, he plays for the Spanish national team.)

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