Truckulent we may be

In fact, it’s probably a safe bet that we are:

In case you’ve just exited a 60-year coma or immigrated to this country without any prior knowledge of it, Americans have a fondness for pickup trucks. So do automotive manufacturers. Last month, the average selling price for full-size pickups was $47,393. For General Motors, that translates to about $11,000 in profit for each truck sold — but the ceiling is even higher. Two years ago, Ford was rumored to be making $13,000 on each F-Series sold and its domestic competitors weren’t far behind.

In 2015, which if I remember correctly was two years ago, Ford reported moving 780,354 F-Series trucks. If they cleared thirteen K on each of them, that’s $10 billion. Ten billion dollars. Every Fusion ever made wouldn’t add up to $10 billion.

And this seems indisputable:

Have you priced used trucks lately? 5-6 years old, 60,000-80,000 miles, and still worth roughly 50% of purchase price at trade-in. Try that with a sedan.

Don’t I wish.

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