Not the girl of your dreams

That cute little Filipino girl is actually a fairly sophisticated bot:

Dutch researchers say 1,000 men from around the world made contact with a 10-year-old “girl” in the Philippines during a 10-week investigation, many of whom wanted to pay her to take of her clothes in front of a webcam.

That was four years ago. “Sweetie” is now, um, twelve, and evidently she’s still a draw.

The “Sweetie” project first made headlines in 2013. It can now handle thousands of simultaneous conversations and send perpetrators warning messages.

The BBC says that at least 100 men from the UK have attempted to put the move on the fictional young lady.


  1. McGehee »

    23 December 2017 · 4:36 pm

    Whatever happened to the old truism that any underage would-be sex partner one encountrred online was guaranteed to be, at best, a fortysomething FBI agent?

  2. CGHill »

    23 December 2017 · 4:40 pm

    Evidently the word was insufficiently spread.

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