As asshats go, he’s a sombrero

“Henry1989” had a little problem:

Help. I am the victim of the post…

I have repeated many many many many times that the post GOES AGAINST the Facebook Community Standards and reported to the Facebook Team over HUNDRED times but the Facebook Team commented that the post did not violate any Community Standards.

I am very frustrated, annoyed and unhappy with the post as many Facebook users have expressed extremely abusive and offensive languages against me.

Can the Yahoo users make an abuse report to the Facebook Team after reading this post.

I order that at least 100,000 Yahoo users report the abuse to the Facebook Team within 24 hours from now on and 1 million reports are made within 3 days. (I suggest each Yahoo user repeats the report at ten times)

“I order“? Who died and made you King of Anything?

A user named Dave gave this reasoned response:

reported for spam.

If they say it doesn’t violate the community standards, then it doesn’t. If you don’t like it, remove yourself from the group.

Which is a proper report, since “Henry” has posted variations on this whine several times before.

And “Henry” promptly went psycho:

F U C K YOUR MOTHER Dave. Many users express extremely abusive and offensive languages against me. Why do you still say it doesn’t violate community standards?

You must STOP making inaccurate answers and you must make an apology for saying anything inaccurate and irrelevant to me immediately.

Dave, you MUST make an apology for saying anything irrelevant and inaccurate answers to me. If I RECEIVE no apology from you within 24 hours, I will take legal actions against you to your local law court and even report to your local police.

Yahoo, in a rare display of prescience, deleted “Henry’s” screed. I’m not persuaded he should get off quite so easily, so here’s a screenshot of the alleged offensive Facebook post:

Screenshot which makes Henry1989 wet his panties

He’s lucky I didn’t put it on Reddit.


  1. Dan T. »

    6 January 2018 · 7:58 pm

    Facebook’s Translate feature yields this:

    What are you talking about?
    (man) you’re going to get out of your shoes.

    I’m not up on Chinese idioms, so I’m not sure exactly what it’s getting at, or why it would be considered against Facebook’s standards.

    That part about the other user’s mother is probably against Yahoo’s standards.

  2. CGHill »

    6 January 2018 · 8:58 pm

    The Google version makes reference to “online love toys,” though I have no way of knowing what was going on.

  3. CGHill »

    20 January 2018 · 1:50 pm

    He’s back again with the same old sob story.

    Maybe a little less hostile-sounding.

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