Strange search-engine queries (623)

The idea behind this weekly feature is simple enough: we look at the search strings that reach across the Web to find this little place, and we post the ones we like best and/or understand the least.

dustbury com strange searchengine queries:  You’re soaking in it. What I want to know is why I was only #23 for that string.

mclaren car as a unicorn:  Would its horn pass Federal safety standards?

costume supercenter com:  I’m guessing this is sort of a Costco for cosplayers.

we’re all gonna die:  This is, um, not exactly news.

prndl parking:  If you’re gonna park, use P.

pre-exposure prophylaxis:  Because you don’t have chlamydia — yet.

yuccie urban dictionary:  Yeah, there’s some pretty yuccie stuff in there.

dumpster rental likely:  If the Magic 8-Ball told me that, I’d be alarmed.

tvtime direct mosquito repelling keychain:  Which I suppose would be handy if the insects were actually trying to bite your keys.

popeye’s supplements waterloo 170 university ave w waterloo:  Rows and rows of spinach.

million carats:  Don’t let Bugs Bunny hear you say that.

christine chatelain feet:  She’s 1.73 meters tall, so that’s five feet, eight inches.

austin power dildo experience:  I remember when they opened for the J. Geils Band.

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