Indoors, one hopes

A group called Calgary Nude Recreation, you’d think, would not require a whole lot of explanation. This is on their meetup page:

A group for like minded people who enjoy being in their birthday suit! This group is family oriented and kid friendly and open to people of all ages, body types, all genders, sexual orientations, and anyone else in between. Whether you like being naked or want to get more comfortable being naked, this group is for you! All recreational events associated with this group are strictly non sexual and are intended to create a safe space to express ourselves in our most vulnerable and natural state all the while having fun!

With that in mind, they’ve set up a recurring event called “Naked Water Slides and Wave Pool,” which also doesn’t seem to require much explanation. Several thousand Calgarians are not impressed:

An online petition created over the weekend had generated more than 2,000 4,000 signatures by Sunday afternoon, calling on Mayor Naheed Nenshi and the city to “put this event to rest” or “at least … make it age appropriate.”

“I respect the concept and believe in an 18+ setting,” wrote April Parker, who started the petition. “However, having naked children around a bunch of naked adults doesn’t seem like a good idea for any reason.”

The petition, addressed to the city-owned swimming facility, is here.

Update, 11 January: It’s off:

Acting Director of Calgary Recreation James McLaughlin said the city conducted a thorough review and decided the volatile opinions about the event created a safety concern. He said city facilities have hosted naturist swims for years without incident and the cancellation was not due to the nature of the activity, but solely because of security.

And the hecklers veto another one.

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  1. Holly H »

    9 January 2018 · 8:18 am

    I hate to be a stick in the mud, but I see her point. It’s a really mixed message to teach kids that they are entitled to personal boundaries, while at the same time encouraging them to cast off their right to visual privacy.

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