Ceci n’est pas un beefsteak

Um, not anymore they’re not:

Behold the power of Twitter.

Less than two days after Marks and Spencer made headlines for selling a £2.00 slice of “cauliflower steak,” the high street retailer has announced it will scrap the convenience food item.

It consisted of two slices of cauliflower and a lemon and herb dressing, but will be discontinued once current stocks are sold.

Said the Fark submitter, simply: “Your dog does not want this steak.”


  1. fillyjonk »

    12 January 2018 · 7:14 am

    1. This is that pea-guacamole thing all over again, isn’t it?

    2. “I say it’s spinach, and I say ‘the Hell with it.'”

  2. Holly H »

    12 January 2018 · 8:23 am

    I go out with a vegetarian group once a month. We quickly red-flag any place that charges red-meat prices for red-bean dishes.

  3. McGehee »

    12 January 2018 · 8:41 am

    That’s one of the problems when something becomes perceived as trendy — it attracts, first, hipsters who value their participation in it above any intrinsic value it may have and, second, opportunists who are only too happy to prey on the hipsters.

    As a result, many people who were already doing the thing for whatever legitimate reasons, end up — if they’re not vigilant — getting netted along with the intended targets.

  4. McGehee »

    12 January 2018 · 8:41 am

    Literally everything is better before the hipsters take it mainstream.

  5. fillyjonk »

    12 January 2018 · 10:11 am

    I have general objections to food pretending to be other food. Cauliflower as cauliflower can be good. Cauliflower as steak is not good. Beans and other vegetarian sources of protein, when prepared well for their qualities are good; vegetarian-protein shaped into fake chicken nuggets or the like is generally much less good than an honest bean dish.

    the whole “eat this, not that” movement bugs me, because to me it has the sense of peeing on my leg and telling me its raining. (I also grew up in the era when carob was often subbed for chocolate. Not sure whether it was reasons of health or asceticism, but barring allergies I do not think chocolate is actually any worse for you than carob….)

  6. Holly H »

    12 January 2018 · 4:13 pm

    Good observations. ugh. I remember carob.

    I agree with your criticism of the “eat this, not that” advice. Life isn’t that simple. I recently got diagnosed with osteoporosis. I’m dizzy from researching all the contradictory theories. The medications seem to be worse that the affliction, and there are 50 kinds of calcium and other supplements to investigate. And always, the scientists, are “beginning to make progress”. Just not fast enough for me.

  7. CGHill »

    12 January 2018 · 10:04 pm

    Cauliflower was on my list of Things I Will Not Eat Under Any Circumstances when I was 8.

    It is no longer there. (Neither is broccoli.)

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