Over and done with

The technological revolution, says the Z Man, has just about run its course:

Companies like Google and Apple stopped being technology companies a long time ago. Instead, they are oligopolists. In the case of Apple, they were never a technology company. They were a design and marketing firm that repackaged existing technology into cool consumer products appealing to cosmopolitan hipsters. They sell expensive display items for the trend setters and the fashionable.

As a reader at Sailer’s site observed, Google now resembles an adult daycare center where mentally disturbed women terrorize the few people doing real work. Google has not done much of anything, in terms of tech, once it gained a near monopoly of on-line advertising. The reason Susan Wojcicki can wage endless jihad at a money losing division like YouTube is it is owned by an oligopolist given a special right to skim from every internet user on earth. Google is now a tax farmer, not a tech company.

Well, that and the fact that Wojcicki was the head of rival Google Video, which YouTube was trouncing in the marketplace. The solution she proposed: buy out YouTube. Which they did, there not being too many things on earth that Google can’t buy out. (One of them, we may assume, is Apple.)

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