Totally tubacious

Lunch in the office break room means, often as not, that The People’s Court will be on the TV. Given the demographics of daytime television, we can count on seeing commercials for lawyers, prescription drugs (“Ask your doctor!”), nonprescription drugs, lawyers, casinos, buy-here-pay-here auto dealers, and lawyers. This guy has a new 30-second spot every few days:

I’m not at all sure that promoting amounts of settlements is such a good idea: we have knuckleheads in this town who think that they can get thousands of dollars for fender-benders. And you can barely see the fine print. That young lady who got $135,000?

Fine print from a trial-lawyer advertisement

Then again, I’d rather sit through 30 seconds of Pepper than 22 seconds of possible side effects for some overpriced drug. Especially if I’m eating.


  1. Lynn »

    5 February 2018 · 10:34 am

    My oldest son has a perfect solution to the break room TV: a stealth remote. Strangely, it seems no one has ever figured out why sometimes the channel changes all by itself, or the volume goes down, or the TV just goes off completely.

  2. Holly H »

    5 February 2018 · 10:38 am

    Beautiful. Would come in handy in doctor’s waiting rooms, as well. In fact, last week I heaped praise upon my dentist’s staff, because their TV was captions-only, NO SOUND. ahhhhhhhh.

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