Still super after all these years

Carol Alt is an International Supermodel. Really. Says so on her Twitter profile. Which is not a bad thing to be, especially if you were waiting tables and only got into modeling to raise some college money, which she was and did. And at 57, she’s done it all: she’s appeared on about 500 magazine covers, hawked lots of cosmetics and fashions, and gotten fired by Donald Trump.

In 2014, Sports Illustrated honored her for her, um, body of work, including the cover of the 1982 Swimsuit Issue:

Carol Alt in Sports Illustrated 2014

Carol Alt on her Twitter account

Carol Alt changes shoes

Apart from the fact that she’s the only International Supermodel who follows me on Twitter, I tend to hang on her every word, especially on Tuesday, which she and many others celebrate as #shoesday. An example of her celebration:

Like there’s a chance I’ll let myself miss something like that.

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