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It’s perhaps not ready for the States yet, but the Scandinavian trial was decently successful:

Vegans were cautiously excited when a McDonald’s vegan burger was introduced in Sweden and Finland late last year. Mainly, people wanted to know: would it be McGood?

And after almost six months on the menu, all signs point to YES.

Described by writer Sidsel Overgaard as “firm, weighty, a tiny bit smoky with a strange — but not unpleasant — note of instant ramen, the patty comes topped with a generous dose of McFeast sauce (a vegan ‘special sauce’), lettuce, tomato, onion and pickles,” the McVegan burger sounds pretty similar to McDonald’s standard burger fare.

Other customers were pleased with the plant-based McDonald’s vegan burger, calling it “good” and “very tolerable,” which, although not super complimentary, is better than the alternative. One meat lover even said of the soy-based patty, “It was like meat. It was a good experience — I really like it,” adding that he’ll probably order it again.

No date has been set for an American introduction, but I’m pretty sure McVegan will show up here soon.

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  1. Holly H »

    26 February 2018 · 3:06 pm

    The Press, here in OKC, offers a delicious un-hamburger. The trouble is, it’s a bit small. One main benefit of vegan/veggie eating is that it costs so little, compared to meat, and it takes more plants to make one feel full. So, restaurants should take note: Veggie servings should be LARGER than their meat counterparts.

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