Strange search-engine queries (630)

What we have here, in case you’re new to these parts, is a selection of Actual Search Strings that lead to this very site, as discovered by random Web surfers who really didn’t care where they landed as long as they got results.

search engine queries:  You’re soaking in them.

as the four winners of the grade-school spelling bee posed for a picture, each was recollecting over the day’s success. which of the following children exhibits an external locus of control?  The one with strings attached.

tighty-righty:  They were at CPAC this past weekend.

aaron’s persistent feelings of sadness and impending doom dominate his life. every time he says anything even a little positive to his therapist, the therapist smiles. otherwise the therapist has a stone face. this therapist is probably using some variation of:  Vivarin, to stay awake during this guy’s endless drone.

bayou boys gone wild:  The alligators should take care of that.

upscale pawn troy alabama:  Pawn shops tend not to be upscale.

when alice needs to figure out how to host a work party for 100 employees with a modest $100.00 budget, she needs to be innovative and imaginative. in order for alice to host a successful work party she will need to use:  Visa or MasterCard.

according to the tree diagram below, what is the probability that someone buys a book that is paperback and nonfiction?  People still buy books?

bilingual heroines vol.2:  Apparently Volume 1 was a success.

our automated abuse-prevention system, omnivore, has flagged your recent import for issues that could affect the delivery of your campaigns. your list is likely to trigger spam filters, or generate bounces and abuse complaints:  Or contains unkind remarks about Hillary Clinton.

mazda 626 old model:  The last one was 2002, so they’re all old.

art of misdirection tracker:  We’re sorry, our tracker has been misdirected.

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