No great loss

McG reviewed the list of companies who bought the silence of the mob by cutting their tenuous financial ties to the National Rifle Association, and found it mostly, but not entirely, meh:

Other companies on the list include a discount pharmaceutics chain that I’ve never heard of, a home security company whose decision on this matter would leave me feeling insecure about their services, a “hearing technologies” business that seems not to have considered that gun enthusiasts ought to be a prime market for what they’re selling, a car buying service that, not being Carmax, has no relevance to me … and Symantec.

Whenever I encounter a Symantec product on a computer, I tear it out by the roots. If it were malware in its own right, I cannot conceive of how it would affect a computer differently. This is one case of a parting of ways with the NRA that I can only applaud.

Symantec, at least during the early 1990s — the company dates to 1982 — was perhaps best known for its acquisition of the Norton Utilities; it wasn’t long afterward that we learned they’d replaced Peter Norton with Ed.

The Ed Norton Utilities, starring Art Carney

I note for my own records that many of the affiliate discounts no longer available through NRA can be had through the American Automobile Association, and at least one also through the American Association for Nude Recreation.


  1. McGehee »

    28 February 2018 · 11:04 am

    Those companies that caved will regret it, for once you have paid him the Danegeld, you can never get rid of the Dane.

  2. McGehee »

    28 February 2018 · 11:27 am

    Oh, and next time you’re editing your Linkage page, the base URL of my site if


  3. fillyjonk »

    28 February 2018 · 11:58 am

    Eh, meh, I think I can get a discount on some kind of rental car with my Sigma Xi membership but that’s about all I get.. (Six more years and I think I get a discount at Culver’s. If we had one near me….)

    I suspect in five or ten years, there will be no more discounts, as businesses grow ever more wary of seeming to be associated with anything that someone might disagree with. (Also, cynically: I wonder if places giving discounts just aren’t jacking up their base prices to start with)

  4. McGehee »

    28 February 2018 · 12:07 pm

    (Also, cynically: I wonder if places giving discounts just aren’t jacking up their base prices to start with)

    See Automakers, rebates.

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    1 March 2018 · 1:02 am

    […] Dustbury: No Great Loss […]

  6. Holly H »

    1 March 2018 · 8:20 am

    Yes, if only more gun-sales companies would take it upon themselves to implement civilized rules, like Dick’s Sporting Goods, all the furor could be avoided in the first place.

  7. McGehee »

    1 March 2018 · 1:47 pm

    Dick’s proper stopped selling scary-looking rifles years ago. Their 2018 virtue-signaling is meant for rubes.

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