Strange search-engine queries (631)

And suddenly, it was Monday again, and off I went to the server room to see if there was anything worth mentioning here.

bbc, bishop, England, abortion, sitting on fence until butt hurt:  What, is Monty Python reuniting?

1956 gum products adventure cards max Schilling #86:  As opposed to Curt Schilling, who wore #38.

p r n d s l meaning:  Did it occur to you to RTFM?

transition klunker craigslist:  Yeah, they’ll transition it right out of your yard.

snopes crickets slowed down:  Who the hell wants fast crickets?

starmade weapon combinations:  Very good weapons, but the shipping charges will kill you.

gfy meaning impractical jokers:  Um, that’s not what GFY means.

“new relic”:  Doesn’t a relic have to be old?

jenny scordamaglia do you dare:  She can dare if she wants, not that it’s any business of yours.

batman instrumental:  It’ll save you the trouble of having to learn the words.

danny’s mother is even-tempered fair and tactful:  Unlike Danny himself, who is a real douchecanoe.

filespeedy bypass:  You could avoid all this angst by simply buying the damn software.

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