Wiener and still champion

One commonplace sight these days is the selfie from here down, usually on the beach or at poolside, looking something like this:

I was briefly taken aback yesterday when I stumbled across a photo of this sort by someone with jeans on. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that variation on the theme before. And it was, yes, someone I know, though I probably couldn’t have identified her from the photo. Someone I know with splendid legs, yet. However, I can’t really blame her for covering up, inasmuch as (1) this is March and (2) she lives in New Jersey.


  1. McGehee »

    8 March 2018 · 12:16 pm


    I found that I could usually distinguish legs from dogs because hot dogs generally don’t have an un-round-ness at the point where the kneecap starts to appear, while legs do.


  2. In The Mailbox: 03.08.18 : The Other McCain »

    8 March 2018 · 1:29 pm

    […] Dustbury: Wiener And Still Champion […]

  3. fillyjonk »

    8 March 2018 · 5:55 pm

    It would be unmistakable for me, because my legs are fatter, paler, and with more janked-up skin than the average hot dog.

  4. jsallison »

    10 March 2018 · 12:17 am

    I guess brats would be right out…

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