Strange search-engine queries (632)

Around a hundred people a day visit this site because for some inscrutable reason they actually want to. They are far outnumbered, however, by the people who only know this place exists because Google (or, less often, one of the competing non-Googles) has directed them here from a search string. Which is good for me, because I can get a weekly article out of them.

vance chapman of montage rock group new jersey:  He went on, quite reasonably, to the Vance Chapman Band. (And who, besides me, bought Montage?)

costume supercenter com:  Well, I suppose it wouldn’t be a dot-org.

dumpster rental lenore:  Quoth the trashman, “Nevermore.”

pencilneck geek recommends internet profits:  Certainly easier than recommending losses.

agoraphil form element circular:  Some dressing for that word salad, sir?

i was kaiser bill’s batman lyrics:  Oddly, no more complicated than Neal Hefti’s lyrics for the Batman TV series theme.

leering eyes:  Possessed by everyone who goes searching for anything plus “rule 34.”

lobotomy corporation rule 34:  Especially that guy.

moab base jumping accident:  You couldn’t get me to do it deliberately.

nucleartakes twitter:  Scarcely any takes on Twitter are worth bothering with.

mousley cereal:  Could I have a breakfast without so much rat in it?

jenny scordamaglia touch:  She’s certainly not gonna touch you, ya filthy perv.


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    12 March 2018 · 10:34 pm

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  2. jsallison »

    13 March 2018 · 9:11 pm

    Truth be told I did a search for okie bloggers coupla years ago and you were the only one that turned up that wasn’t a news or ‘buy my junk’ site. There are more now but once I’ve excavated my rut I tend to stay in it. ;)

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