Apart from the question of frosting

After a week scanning social media, the under-assistant something-or-other at Kellogg’s decided, “We must make a stand!”

And so it came to be:

I’m glad they cleared that up.


  1. fillyjonk »

    12 March 2018 · 11:17 am

    But I think there are some on which the frosting pattern RESEMBLES a Tide Pod.

    Related: America’s Test Kitchen is doing a sandwich-off (like March Madness) and, at least to this point, there has been no nomination of a taco, burrito, or even hot dog to their lineup.

  2. jsallison »

    13 March 2018 · 9:08 pm

    But, but, two strawberry (sans frosting version) pop tarts sandwiching a layer of peanut butter….pro tip, toast them first and do this while still warm.

  3. jsallison »

    13 March 2018 · 9:08 pm

    Might work with Nutella, will have to investigate.

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